At BBT we love to review new beauty products by established and up and coming brands and this is the best way to get our attention.

How our product reviews work

  • Products are reviewed by a member of our team and we will provide our honest opinion on the product.

  • The aim of our product reviews is to help our readers make an educated decision on whether to purchase a product which is showcased on this website.

  • We review makeup, skincare, hair care and body care. All skincare, hair care and body care products will be used for one month prior to review.

  • All costs related to shipping (both to and from) we will be paid for by the company or individual requesting the product review. We do not purchase products for review with the promise of reimbursement.

  • Submitting a product for review does not guarantee your product will be reviewed on our website, but we will make every attempt to do so and in a timely manner.

What you need to do when pitching a product for review

When pitching a product for review please include the following:

  • Your name and title

  • The company name

  • Name, description and price of the product in British pounds

  • Please include a brief overview of your company and website address

  • Please give us a summary about the company owner (60 words will do)

  • Tell us about the product - what need it fills, how long it has been on the market and if the product has been featured in any other media channels

  • Most importantly, let us know where and how our readers can purchase your product, even if it is on your website.

  • Please send a high res image that we can use with the review

What you need to do when pitching to be interviewed for BBT

  • Please send a biography that includes your background.

  • We will need a high res image. We will not run an interview without a picture so please do not approach us if you are camera shy. We do not accept selfies or pictures with logos of other brands in the background.

We do NOT accept sponsored posts from individuals or add links to posts that have already been published. Any such requests will be ignored!

Please send all pitches to