Zoya Tickled & Bubbly Summer Collections


Rooney is a nail polish that is part of the Tickled & Bubbly Summer Collections from Zoya which was released to tie in with the summer. Drawing inspiration from South Beach, Rooney sits under the Tickled range which consists of six shades. It is described by the brand as a mid-range magenta pink cream with balanced undertones to flatter most skin tones. It is also supposed to be flawlessly opaque in two coats. I have to admit that the bottle is very glamorous but it looks better in its container than it does on the nail. The bright party-pink tone grabs your attention initially but I found the consistency a bit like watery paint, and it ended up looking chalky rather than polished.

This product was easy to apply and the drying time was very fast indeed, I could definitely wash my hands after three minutes. The brush is good quality, soft and thick enough to paint a whole nail with just one dip into the polish. Unfortunately this polish started chipping after two days and it was also incredibly difficult to get off with normal nail polish remover.

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