ZAO Makeup Compact Foundation

ZAO Makeup boast a pleasantly surprising range of natural and organic products that they claim to not just provide coverage for your skin but makeup that ‘is good for your skin, as it is full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids that nourish, renew and regenerate your skin’. So when I was given the opportunity to try the ZAO Makeup Compact Foundation I was very intrigued. 

Aesthetics are very important (although let’s be honest – the performance of a product is key), and ZAO Makeup are definitely winning in their product designs. The bamboo magnetic packaging that stores the foundation is very unique. It’s very lightweight and portable, so can easily be used on the go; although the fact that there is no mirror in the packaging lets it down slightly. As well as the bamboo compact, you also receive a small pouch and a sponge, adding to the ease of travelling with the foundation. Another bonus is that the foundation is refillable, as there is a small hole that is big enough for a pin to enter and push out the foundation container. 

The foundation itself is described as having ‘a creamy-smooth texture, yet with a powdery finish that avoids any shiny effect on the face’. Personally I found most of these claims to be true. It does have a smooth creamy texture, which is quite easy to blend (I tend to use a round top buffer foundation brush for this). I didn’t find the foundation to be tacky once blended in and the finish appeared to be more of satin like finish. However, I did feel that I needed to still powder my face as I have oily skin and didn’t feel completely comfortable without mattifying it. 

In terms of coverage – they claim that this is a medium to full coverage foundation, which I completely agree with. I feel that I did need to build it up for a more full coverage – which is what I prefer. I was given the shade Hazelnut 738 to try and I found it to be a decent match (although I may have opted for a slightly warmer and lighter shade). The foundation felt quite comfortable to wear on my skin and not greasy like some cream foundations tend to be. There is no mention as to how long this foundation is supposed to last – but I did feel that I had a good six to eight hour wear, with my face feeling shiny around hour four. I only need to touch up once with powder when wearing this foundation, which is great. 

Overall I’m very impressed with the way this product appeared on my skin. I’ll be honest and say that I’m not the biggest fan of cream foundations, but this particular one is definitely one to consider. One thing to note is that I didn’t notice much improvement with my skin, as the company suggests will occur due to their natural and organic ingredients. However, I personally do not buy makeup products with the expectation that they will perform as a skin care product, so I wasn’t too disappointed with the outcome. The last thing to note is that their range of 14 shades will definitely suit the majority of skin tones with the majority of the shades being suitable for us brownbeauties.

ZAO MakeUp Compact Foundation is priced at £29.95.

For more information, please visit their website.