Yu Be Skin Moisturising Cream

Yu Be is a Japanese Pharmacist brand, created in 1957.  The Skin Moisturising Cream has been a cult beauty product for many years, long before the South Korean skincare revolution that we are currently experiencing.  Like pharmacists brands from all over the world, the focus for this product is efficiency over pretty packaging and smells.  Yu Be Skin Moisturising Cream has been formulated for extremely dry skin, so it should be the perfect foil to my crocodile shins right?

The 66ml tub is immediately identifiable with the orange and white colourway.  When you open the tub, you are presented with a unctuous balm type ointment which has a bright lemon ice-cream colour.  However that is quickly overshadowed by the fact that this product smells like a hair pomade from my youth.  Remember Sulphur 8? If you love Carmex (I don’t) and the smell of highly camphorous menthol products, the fragrance of this product will be right up your ally. 

On paper I should like this product; it is a glycerine based cream which vitamins B2, C and E which are all antioxidants.  There is even a tiny bit of hyaluronic acid in it - but the smell!  If you are looking for a mineral oil free barrier cream this is a good option. It is best used on damp skin as glycerine is a humectant which helps to retain the skin’s moisture levels.  Yu Be advise that this product is suitable for face and body.  I did try it on my face – once and I did not experience any irritation, apart from to my nose which just could not deal with the smell as it did not dissipate quickly enough for my liking.  

Strangely I really like the texture of this product (for my body) It absorbs quickly into the skin as is soothing on dry patches and irritated skin.  With the warmer weather I’ve been living in my Birkenstocks and the soles of my feet are not at their best.  The Yu Be Moisturising Cream has been a great option for hydrating the soles of my feet, dealing with dry cuticle and generally keeping my feet looking sandal ready. It has also been great on my crocodile shins, and my legs are far enough away from my nose so I don’t smell the camphor 

If you are looking for an emollient cream for the body and the strong camphor smell does not put you off, go for it.  If like me, you don’t want to walk around smelling like a tube of Sulphur 8, this one is a pass.

Yu Be Moisturising Skin Cream is available from Space NK and prices start from £6.50 for 33G..

For more information, please visit their website