The Beauty Product I Cannot Live Without: Anna Durston

AnnaAs London Fashion Week gets off to a roaring start today, designers will be rushing around making last minute changes, models will be busy being fitted by stylists and PRs going over last minute changes to the guest list and seating. Also beavering away will be the make-up artists who will be applying the latest looks on the models. With about a zillion beauty products to choose from you have to be very special to make it into the case of a make-up artist. Anna Durston has been a makeup artist for 15 years, she tells us about her love for YSL's Babydoll Mascara.

I happened to stumble upon YSL Babydoll Mascara completely by accident. I had gone to my local department store to buy a Touche Eclat for my kit and was given a free sample. I am always sceptical of new ‘wonder’ mascaras as a lot seem to disappoint. Not black enough, too watery, too quick to clump, or just plain “meh”. So when I gave this a go the morning after I had bought it, I was pleasantly surprised. I had to get me some.

I think it’s the brush which makes such a difference. YSL Babydoll has two different lengths, one side that is thicker and gives volume (you can really feel your lashes lifting) and a fine side, which separates and defines. That separating and defining is what I think is really important in a mascara. It seems very easy to add volume and thickness but if it looks like you have only six lashes, it totally defeats the point. Thickness can be added by building up the layers. I always apply two coats at least.

How you apply your mascara too is important too. Whether you’ve curled your lashes or not, always start at the base of the lashes and sweep to the tips. If you have very short or not many lashes try wiggling or zig-zagging the wand as you sweep upward to make sure you really separate each lash. The modern wands we have today like the one in YSL Babydoll, means there is no need to wipe off excess mascara or to comb through the lashes afterwards.

The other thing that is important in a mascara is the depth of colour. Over the years I have tried many and some even really expensive brands come up a bit less than true black, grey even. If its going to make my lashes stand out it has to be a proper rich black. YSL Babydoll has an intense rich colour which also comes in Brown No2, Blue No3 and Purple No4. And finally! It doesn’t flake or smudge. Its still there when I come to take it off at night. I thought YSL had done well with their Volume effects mascara (I bought one for each of my girlfriends one Christmas) but Babydoll is definitely one for me and my kit.

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