Yours Truly Organics


Yours Truly Organics is a skincare range created by Kelita Bignall who we featured on the website last year. She created the range in order to provide customers with products that change their skin instead of just being free of nasties. The collection consists of Take It Away Gel Cleanser, Balancing Toner, Fix Me! Repairing Serum and Face Base Face Balm. Since we featured the brand, Truly Organics has gone through a bit of a transformation and the packaging and design is now slicker and more elegant. Take It Away Gel Cleanser This cleanser had a very nice fragrance to it, consisting of Vitamin C and Sandalwood. I would say that this is not really a deep cleansing gel as it is rather light. This is a cleanser that I would use in the morning. Whereas, after a long day, especially if I have been wearing make-up, I would prefer something that will cleanse my face down to the last bit. With this cleanser I would still wash my face with my Dudu Osun Soap afterwards.

The Gel Cleanser is priced at £22.

Balancing Toner I found this toner to be very refreshing. I loved that it incorporates a spray pump application, therefore I can spray it directly onto my face and use a cotton pad to wipe it all over or alternatively spray the contents onto a cotton pad and apply it onto my face. The Toner did feel a bit sticky whenever I applied it onto my face, which I did not like. Also I did notice that when I started to use this and the serum more frequently (every day or every other day) my skin started to break out. Then when I had stopped using them the breakouts had reduced, this may have just been due to the state my skin at that time, my skin adjusting to the products, or that the products are just not really suited for my skin.

The Balancing Toner is priced at £18.

Fix Me! Repairing Serum In all honesty I was absolutely clueless as to what serums was used for, but now I know it is generally used to improve the appearance of the skin. This serum can be used underneath the Face Base Face Balm, which I tried a couple of times. When I did this it produced small rubbery like bits, which was clearly from the serum and I was not really sure why this had occurred. I eventually just resorted to using the serum after applying my toner (at night) to let it sink into my skin whilst I sleep.

The Fix Me! Repairing Serum is priced at £28 and considering the size of this which is only 30ml, I do believe it is quite expensive.

Face Base Face Balm Many times before, have I been plagued with moisturisers that do next to nothing when it comes to actually moisturising my face, however this all stopped for me when I started to use this facial moisturiser, which is why I like it so much. My face gets pretty dry after I cleanse, so I need something that will leave my face feeling incredibly nourished. I would consider this product to be a replenishing moisturiser, therefore I do not feel this would be suitable for individuals that have oily skin.

Whilst using this Face Balm I noticed that a little bit of this does go a very long way, which means that you do not have to use so much of the product in one go. The moisturiser also has a very nice scent, comprising of the Daisy Flower extract which is said to brighten ones skin complexion and also a Pea Extract which improves the elasticity of the skin.

In spite of this, at times the moisturiser did feel somewhat greasy, so I would sometimes add my primer to it (upon application), so as to reduce the level of oil from the Face Balm. This product can also be used as a base for make-up application (which I do), but I always mix this with my primer first.

I really love the design of this Face Balm as it comes in the form of a see through glass container with a pump dispenser, like all the products of this range. This was very useful as I find it very annoying using facial moisturisers that come in the form of squeezable tubes or open bottle tops as you have to go through the agony of pouring out the contents. Luckily as this is a see through container one can see how much is left (which is always handy).

This product is priced at £25, which initially I thought was quite costly for a facial moisturiser, however have been using this for approximately three months now and I cannot see it finishing any time soon. Therefore, because of that I would not mind paying this price because I know that I will be using it for months.

Overall I would say I had mixed experiences with Yours Truly Organics. I have very sensitive skin and before I started using the range my complexion was dry and prone to breakouts. I used it for approx three months - the facial moisturiser everyday and the gel cleanser on and off. I used the serum and toner for a few weeks but stopped when my skin started to break out. To be honest I am not sure if this was due to the products or my delicate skin reacting, so I decided to take a break from the whole range for almost a month. I started using it again for a few weeks and this time I didn't experience any breakouts, in fact my skin felt very smooth after using the toner and the serum. I suppose my skin had adjusted to the products by then. I would say if you have less sensitive skin then this brand is worth giving a second look.

The entire Yours Truly Organics range can be purchased from their website.