Wig it for Winter


A custom made natural looking wig could be your protective styling answer over the cold months. We’ve had a pretty decent summer this year and now we are in October it’s time to think about what you’re going to do with your hair over the winter. Some of you that may have been rocking your natural tresses while during the warmer weather should be considering how you can protect your delicate afro or curly hair from the cold. Because of the change in the elements and the considerably drier, colder temperate in the winter, many women opt for versatile ways to keep their hair length intact as well as encourage growth. There are many options available in the Afro-Caribbean hair space such as the currently popular crochet braids, sew-in weaves, single braids/twists or even putting your hair in a bun. While all of those alternatives are perfectly fine, there is one more option available to you that can trump all the others if used correctly. You’ve guessed it – the humble wig.

These days the stigma behind wearing a wig among the younger generation is all but gone. The latest trend is the custom made wig which ranks far and above its regular shop bought “lace front” cousin. With a custom wig you may specify the exact amount of hair, type of cut and colour deposit that you desire. What’s even more appealing is that a wig lasts longer than a sew-in weave since you can remove it and re-use repeatedly. It’s advisable to invest in good quality hair extensions to make the wig so that it can last up to a year or more with good care.

Wigs also allow you to reach your own natural hair underneath everyday, when you take if off so that you may keep up whatever hair growth regime you want to. This includes the famous “green house effect aka baggie method” of sealing oils into your hair using a plastic bag or cap under the wig to curb breakage. Using this method combined with deep conditioning and a healthy diet/vitamins supplement will enable you to retain a good few inches of hair growth over the winter period.

Here are some top tips for getting your custom wig made:

• Provide your wigmaker with some photos of the type of hair style you’d like.

• Consider going for a texture that is closer to your own (e.g. Kinky Curly, Afro Curly, Kinky, Straight) as these will look a lot more natural and you will keep people guessing.

• Use only Premium Virgin or Remy human hair from a reputable hair retailer.

• If you’re stuck check YouTube wig and hair review videos for ideas.

• If your wig has not been cut by the wigmaker wear it to your hair stylist who can then layer it for you to have a more natural look.

• When you are not wearing your wig, wash condition and dry it, then store in a cool dry box or bag until next time.

Hopefully this article will help some of you out there that are thinking of what to do next. Remember, life’s too short to have boring hair.

For more information on custom wig services please visit DreamTresses.