What's In My Makeup Bag - Sarirah Hamid


Sarirah Hamid blogs at Pretty Not Includedwhere she covers the new beauty releases as well as other lifestyle topics. She describes herself as a self-proclaimed skincare junkie and computer scientist at heart. After working in the beauty industry for two years she is embarking a project that combines her three passions - so watch this space I guess. Anyway she took time out to show us the products in her makeup bag. Describe the items in your makeup bag. My makeup bag is home to all the products that would ever travel with me through London’s busy streets. For me, it’s all about feeling refreshed even if I’ve spent hours on and off the tube. Lip products are a must. I carry around too many from balms to tints. I rarely wear lipstick these days. Lip liners are my favourite and I’ll carry around the ones I’ve been wearing most. I’ve been loving purple lips for Autumn and Winter and the Zao Plum Multipurpose Liner is a gorgeous shade. Trestique are another interesting brand. Their mini Lip Crayons in Florence Figis this pinky/brown - a great every day colour for me.

I love my mini Code Beautiful Mascara; this has been my favourite mascara for years so I have the full size too. Acne has been my greatest visible insecurity growing up. Now in my 20s, it bothers me less but I still prefer to cover my acne scarring a little. Surprisingly, I’ve found a friend in this H&M Concealer trio. I mix the two darkest shades together and it’s perfect for touch ups after a long day. I’m a fingers and sponges type of person. I love formulations that blend easily with a little warmth. If I ever had to pocket size my makeup bag, these two products and a lip balm would be essential.

Rollerball scents are hard to come by in the UK. This Diptyque Geranium Odorata, a fresh feminine scent, is on its last legs. I also need to have hand cream. Another thing I’m always applying because I use a lot of hand sanitiser. This is a lavender scented one from Tony Moly and Pokemon’s collaboration. Couldn’t resist a good limited edition buy and this Korean brand’s products are both effective and come in adorable packaging. The REN Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist is great for making my skin look fresh and dewy again. It has a calming, herbal scent. I’m quite an anxious person, especially when out and about on public transport, so having this can be comforting. Thankfully, the packaging is plastic – perfect for city skin protection.

Which is your favourite item in your makeup bag?Glossier’s Balm Dot Com; I love easy balms to apply on the go. I can’t stand when my lips are dry so they’re a must. I’m not sure where this habit originated but ever since I was 13, I’d carry around a Lip Balm in my pocket. A shimmery Lip Smackers for fun and then a stick of Soft Lips that meant business. Back to the Balm Dot Com in particular, it works as an amazing highlighter to lift the cheek bones and on the eyelids. I love dewy skin that’s highlighted without glitter everywhere alongside this glossy lids trend - it’s very fresh and easy. I’m not great with eye makeup but this, I can do. I don’t tend to seek out multi-purpose products but when I find them, they become staples.

Where did you get your makeup bag? This one is from Oliver Bonas and is nearly two years old. Growing up, I’d use little canvas pouches that came with gift sets, pencil cases, sandwich bags, you name it. When I started purchasing higher end makeup that I’d carry around with me, I decided it was time to get a decent makeup bag. Preferably, one with a working zip. I like the shape of this one because it fits bulkier products like the REN Mist in easily.


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