What's In My Makeup Bag - Remel London


Remel London is a TV, radio presenter and live events host. You might have seen her popping up on Link Up TV, PICK TV and also serving as roving reporter on Ladies Talk which is presented by Angie Lemar on VOX Africa. At just 24 she has quickly risen up the ranks and carved a solid reputation in the UK entertainment industry and is now regarded as one of the best female presenters in the UK. She took time out to talk about her career and share with us the contents of her makeup bag. When did you know you wanted to be a TV presenter? Ever since I was about seven years old, I always knew I wanted to be a performer. I entered dance competitions, joined musical theatre classes and had an amazing time learning how to be a great performer, but I realised I enjoyed being myself. I didn’t want to transform into a character, I wanted to play roles that my family would be proud of, and be a role model, and I found the best way to do that was to be me. I went on to study broadcast journalism and developed my craft.

Describe the items in your makeup bag. I have Fashion Fair Matte Foundation Makeup Stick, MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil, Eyeliner and Extra Lash Mascara and black Up Rouge O Levres Lipstick. I’m quite fond of Rimmel London, mainly because it sounds like my name. Yes I’m sad like that lol.

I rely on my foundation and concealer to cover up blemishes, I’ve always had multi – colour skin (haha) the middle of my face is a lot lighter than the outside (don’t worry I don’t bleach I hate stuff like that), so the make really does even me up. I’ve recently started using. Fashion Fair and I love it, the complexion and texture is just perfect.

Which is your favourite item in your make up bag and why? I really like my eyeliner and concealer as a combo, as the camera is always on my face and it helps keep me wide eyed awake and engaged.

Where did you get your make up bag and how long have you had it? I recently bought a new make up bag from Superdrug, where I mainly get all of my make up accessories. I bought it in March just before my holiday, as I like travelling with new things… before that I had my makeup bag for a year, it was pretty worn out lol.

Remel London will be hosting The RateMePlz Show, a new networking event that supports young entrepreneurs from all industries including beauty. It takes place on Wednesday 30th April at Vibe Bar. For more information please visit her website.

Remel London's makeup bag