What's In My Makeup Bag - Bukky Fatusin


Bukky Fatusin is the founder of Curlvolution, an event that she launched in order to provide a platform for Women of Colour with natural hair to meet, learn and have fun. She took time out to talk about the contents of her makeup bag and to tell us all about Curlvolution. Describe the items in your make up bag. I keep it simple with my make up routine, so my bag is pretty light. I have my beloved Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse for all day everyday coverage, MAC Select Cover-Up for darker areas, MAC Mineralise SkinFinish to set, Maybelline Colossal Mascara, Accessorize Lippie in a deep currant shade called ‘Infatuated’ and my Emi & Ben Extra Raw Shea Butter for all my moisturising needs - a little goes a long way, I absolutely love this product.

Which is your favourite item in your make up bag. My Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in cocoa (the last colour in the range) is one of my faves. It's super light and provides just the right amount of coverage. I live in constant fear of this colour bring discontinued so I buy it whenever I see it, I currently have nine pots in my stock.

Where did you get your make up bag and how long have you had it? I got it from Ted Baker approx eight months ago. It's durable and small enough to carry around.

Describe the concept of Curvolution and what made you come up with the idea? Curvolution was birthed while I was on maternity leave in 2011/2012. I'd been natural hair for several years and noticed a distinct void when it came to ways to meet other curly girls and natural hair and beauty vendors. Unlike the states, shows in the UK were few and far between, so I created Curlvolution firstly enable vendors to meet their potential clients, secondly for natural girls to get to know these home grown brands and thirdly for natural to meet other naturals and talk hair all day long.

What can an attendee expect to see at Curvolution? This year is our 3rd annual show and will be our biggest show by far. We are working with US natural hair sensation Taren Guy to bring the super successful Luv & Learn your Hair tour to the UK – she will be sharing her personal hair trials and triumphs with us. We are also working with over 30 UK brands to bring their products and services to the hundreds of expected attendees in our vibrant ‘marketplace’. We have workshops, panel discussions with industry styling experts and UK blogger and giveaways galore. Brands like Beautiful Textures and Curlformers will also be on hand to showcase their products for our guests. All this will be wrapped up in inspiration, motivation and a truly fabulous atmosphere.

What is your career background? I'm a marketing manager for a city law firm helping to deliver on the firm’s growth strategy across Africa.

The natural hair movement has become very powerful over the last few years; can you explain why this is? I think most women have always worn their hair natural but under a weave, braids or other style. Increasingly what we are seeing is more women developing the confidence to actually give their natural hair the chance to thrive by learning 'how' to look after it , learning ‘what works for it’ and embracing its texture. As far as I can see, it’s nothing new, we are just getting way more airtime and are now more willing and able to showcase our natural tresses. Additionally the ‘natural hair movement’ has helped many women to forge a whole new set of life-long friendships that they may otherwise never have known. Whether through social media or in person, natural hair does not fail to unite people and that in and of itself is a truly beautiful thing.

Curlvolution Presents ‘Luv & Learn Your Hair 2014 London’ takes place on Saturday 24th May at Hilton Hotel Canary Wharf. For more information please visit the website.

You can follow Curlvolution on Twitter.

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