What's In My Make-Up Bag - Deborah Johnson


Deborah Johnson is an Account Manager at Pure PR which is an award winning beauty and interiors based in London. She shared with us the contents of her makeup bag. Describe the items in your make up bag and tell us why they are there and what part they play In your life. I like to think my make up bag is pretty minimalist and I only carry wound what I'm wearing or will that day. From a day to day basis it will mainly consist of my Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour in Rose Gold, Lord & Berry Back in Black High Performance Mascara, Mavalia Lipstick in Divine Nectar, Lord & Berry Active Spa Lip Balm, Bobbi Brown BB Cream in Deep 3, a mirror and one of my essential oil blends which I use as a pulse point fragrance.

This is generally what I'll use to feel "done" when heading out for work; typing it out feels like quite a lot as I don't tend to think I wear that much on my face... how wrong. I don't like to wear too much as I don't think a face should every really look like it's wearing anything, for me make-up is supposed to complement your features and not mask them.

Which is your favourite item in your make up bag and why? Ooh, this is a tough one. It's a toss up between the Laura Mercier Eye Colour or the Mavalia Lipstick.... ok, I just dipped and fate says it's the Mavalia Lipstick. I have quite dark lips and tend to rely on lip colour to flesh them out. I'd been looking for the perfect colour for ages; I tend to gravitate towards darker berry hues. I just can't work with a bright red. It looks to high maintenance.

Anyway, was looking for the perfect berry shade and then I found one right under my nose; Mavalia is the sister company to the nail brand Mavala that I work on and Divine Nectar had recently come into the office as part of a new collection. One slick from that bullet and I knew I had found a make-up staple. It gives this wine tinged finish that is perfect for me. Whilst it is majorly pigmented it doesn't feel like too much plus I don't have to wear a balm under it because it's sooo moisturising

Where did you get your make up bag and how long have you had it? My make-up bag is from & Other stories and I've had it for about two years now. They do great bags in general. Oh, and great shoes, and have a pretty cool beauty section and really cool jewellery. And no, I don't PR them. I just love that shop.

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