What's In My Makeup Bag - Yvette Henry

Yvette Henry is the creator and host of the podcast, The Low Down which covers topical issues in pop culture. She took time out to show us the products in her makeup bag.

Describe the items in your makeup bag. 

Make Up For Ever Step One Equaliser

The MUFE Colour Corrector/Primer is an essential item in my makeup bag because I can always tell when I haven’t used it. It’s a light colour corrector that allows you to achieve the perfect base to lay your foundation but it also acts as a Primer. If you have issues with hyperpigmentation, it’s a must have. It hides dark spots and discolouration like a champ whilst offering a smooth finish as it is also a Primer.

Maybelline Matte Poreless Fit Me Foundation - 330 Caramel

If I am honest, I do have to mix this Foundation with another to gain the perfect base but for a foundation that is so cheap, it works quite well when powdered down. It goes on evenly and leaves a smooth, flawless finish. I love it because it is readily available on the high-street or online so it is easily accessible.

LA Girl Pro Conceal - Fawn
This is one of my Holy Grail products because you can use it for everything, its cheap, readily available and it works. What I love about it is its’ ability to conceal my sins (dark circles) whilst offering staying power. I use it as an under eye, forehead and chin highlight and I apply it with my fingers. It lasts all day whilst offering a luminous finish.

Ben Nye Translucent Face Powder - Topaz and Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder - Neutral Light

I use both of these powders for different parts of my face as it allows me to replace the dimensions that have been muted by my foundation. They also help to give my oily skin a reason to stay matte throughout the day.

I use the Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder for the centre of my face which is the oiliest area and the Ben Nye Translucent Face Powder for the outer areas of my face. It adds a little warmth back into my complexion and it helps to allow my base to last all day. I love it because it literally last forever, I think I’ll have it well into my twilight years.

Sleek Makeup Brow Kit - Dark 818 - Eyebrows

I have pretty full brows so all I need is a little touch of genius to pull them back into the limelight. I use this product which includes a powder and a gel. Mixed together, I achieve the brow of dreams. I love it because it is easily accessible, affordable and effective.

Black Radiance Soft Focus Finishing Powder - Milk Chocolate and Barry M Deep Glow Dark Bronzer - Contour

To ensure I replace the dimension lost with my base, I contour with the Black Radiance Soft Focus Finishing Powder in Milk Chocolate mixed with the Deep Glow Dark Bronzer by Barry M.

The Black Radiance Powder would be great by itself but I like a little glow. Adding the Barry M Powder offers a light glow whilst the Black Radiance Powder offers a little warmth where needed. I apply it to the outer areas of my face, jawline, forehead, cheekbones and a Nose. I love the two together because they bring life/warmth to my face.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Rivera Illuminator and Sleek Face Form Kit in Medium - Highlight and Bronzer

The Sleek Face Form Kit comes with three products, a Highlighter a Contour colour and a Bronzer. I love the bronzer when I want to go a little overboard on the summer glow and the contour colour for an evening out. I love this product because it is so versatile that it can be used in many different ways. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Rivera Illuminator comes out to play in the evenings when I want to jazz up my look a little. When I want to go all out I mix them together for added drama.

Rimmel London Extreme Black Volume Flash

I wouldn’t write home about this mascara but it gets the job done if you are careful. If not, you are liable to have long-lasting black mascara on your chin as the formula is quite wet. However, if you use it a few times, as it dries out it really works to add drama to my non-existent, short, curly lashes. I only love it once it has a few miles on it.

Limecrime/Inglot/Sleek - Lips

I love lipstick, I love it in a number of vibrant, weird and wonderful colours. Right now, I have three lipsticks in my makeup bag. Limecrime's Pumpkin, Sleek's Tangerine and Inglot's 175. I love everything about Limecrime and their innovative colour selection but Pumpkin is my love of the moment. It’s a terracotta/Orange that is perfect for the summer on darker skin-tones. If I really want impact I layer it on top of Sleek's Tangerine to ensure a vibrant, long-lasting finish.

Inglot 175 is a great colour to have in my bag. It’s the darkest purple/black that I’ve been able to find on the market and I love it. It also has a fruity smell to it which is always a nice change from the generic vanilla scent that most cosmetic lip companies use. As it is a cream satin finish, I layer NYX Transylvania over it to offer a longer lasting matte finish. I’m not one to enjoy redoing my makeup so a Matte finish will always prevail. 

Last, but by no means least, the tools that make it all possible:

ELF Buffing Brush

I use this to apply my foundation, I always have and aside from using my hands, I doubt that I will ever use anything else to apply my base. I love it.

MAC 232

I use this beauty to contour my nose because it’s the perfect size and works a treat.

Zoeva 317 Wing Liner Brush

Funnily enough, I never use this brush for winged eyeliner but I find that it is perfect for my brows. The precision offered by this brush is unparalleled and the price is a treat. I actually have four of these because they can be used for a number of applications. Concealer, brows and winged eyeliner if you choose.

Look Good Feel Better Powder Brush

This brush is one of the softest brushes I have and I love it for contouring my face. It’s the perfect size and it allows me to achieve a chiselled, smooth finish. 

KIKO Milano Powder Brush

This is the biggest Powder brush I have ever seen in my life and it helps to save me time when applying my Ben NYE Finishing Powder. Anything that saves time in the morning is considered a blessing from the gods. Amen!

 Which is your favourite item in your makeup bag?

Lipstick, always lipstick. I am currently loving the Limecrime Pumpkin Velvetine because I am so excited to have an out of the ordinary vibrant colour. It looks great against my skin-tone, its long wearing and I often get compliments when wearing it.

Where did you get your makeup bag?

My makeup bag was purchased out of necessity for practical purposes. I’ve had many before it in wild and wonderful colours, but they don’t last. This one is huge, yet it still fits in my bag. Its washable so I can keep it clean, it's waterproof so if any of my products spill, I’m covered and finally it is see through so it saves me time when searching for a product. I purchased it on Ebay at least four years ago for less than a fiver and it comes with two other bags too. Bargain!

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