What's in My Makeup Bag - Shannon Fitzsimmons

Shannon FitzwilliamShannon Fitzsimmons is a natural hair and beauty blogger and YouTuber who shares her thoughts and experiences on her popular platforms, UK Curly Girl. She set up her channels in 2014 as a goal is to help curly girls manage and love their hair. Her blog consists of great hair tutorials and product reviews. She took time out to show us the products in her makeup bag. Describe the items in your makeup bag. This sounds crazy but I actually don't own a makeup bag instead I have a acrylic makeup organiser which I bought from Amazon. These are the products that I use on a regular basis.

Collection Cover Up Stick All of those late nights editing and meeting deadlines causes dark circles under my eyes. So this is my must have beauty item. I love that it is built like a lipstick and is small so I don't need to bring any other tools with me to clean up my dark spots

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me The perfect pick me up for my lips when I want to add a slight pop of colour. The Baby Lips line is so soft on the lips and they also taste nice, takes me back to my school days.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Bronze 620 This is a gem. I am not a fan of eyeshadows but this right here is amazing. It is so easy to apply and glides onto the lid like a lip balm. The bronze colour brightens up my eyes and I like to use it for when I am going to events or nights out.

Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation in 102 I am a fan of the Body Shop and their awareness of natural ingredients so when I discovered their makeup line in store I had to get my hands on their liquid foundation. This bottle will last me at least a year. You only need one or two pumps per application as it spreads on the face seamlessly. It also isn’t harsh on my sensitive skin.

Essence Mascara’s False Lash & Get Big Lashes These bad boys I had to team together as I cannot use one without the other. The False Lash mascara has an amazing brush that separates and extends your natural lashes, it really lives up to its name. I then follow up with the Get Big Lashes to add thickness and volume to make them stand out more.

BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Waterproof Eye Primer Definitely a must have. It is a nude colour which is great as a base if you want to use lighter eye shadows. I mainly love this product as my eye lids are very sensitive and itch like crazy if I apply eye shadow or eye lid make up without this primer. It also comes in a really small cute pump bottle, which is easy to apply.

New ID Cosmetics Coconut Ice Lipgloss This is such a cool product and conversation starter. This nude glitzy Lipgloss is very unique as it comes with a small mirror on the side and a light. Yes a blue light underneath the brush that turns on automatically when you take the brush out so that you can clearly see when applying the lipgloss in the mirror. I love this gadget.

Pacifica Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes My new must have. Again having sensitive skin means that most makeup wipes can be really harsh on the face but these new natural wipes from Pacifica are very moisturising and soft, they remove my makeup smoothly and have such a sweet coconut scent.

Which is your favourite item in your makeup bag? My favourite would have to be the wipes as I secretly love taking my makeup off, as soon as I am home it is the first thing I do. These wipes make me feel as if I have had a facial and are so refreshing - they would be perfect to use in the hot weather.

Where did you get your makeup bag? I got my makeup organiser from Amazon ‘Glam Cosmetic Organiser’ for less than £10! and have had it for over a year now. They have a wide variety of organisers and stands which are so helpful for displaying your collection and look 'Pinterest worthy' for your desk.

Shannon's makeup bag

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