What's In My Makeup Bag - Sarah Tetteh

Sarah Tetteh is a showbiz journalist whose role is to interview celebrities in order to get the latest gossip for the world's leading publications. She also writes about family travel and lifestyle features. She is the founder of Showbizmama which also covers celebrity news. 

Describe the items in your makeup bag.

My daily makeup regime is pretty much foundation, brows and lips in under five minutes. My go-to brand is Fashion Fair for flawless coverage when it comes to my base. It is a available in a range of shades to suit every complexion.

The Fashion Fair Hazelnut Fast Finish Foundation Stick is amazing for me as a mum on the run, and the Chocolate Chip Blusher is fab to highlight your cheekbones. You can use the Foundation Stick for light coverage in the day for a polished office look, or layer it on for the evening to go out and get your glam on.

I love a touch of MAC Powder for a dramatic effect for the finishing touch. To perfect the pout, you can't go wrong with a classic nude palette and I have a range of favourites, some that will surprise you. Among them is reality star turned country singer, Megan McKenna's Lip Kit which is a smooth, moisturising, matt gloss and pencil, and very long lasting too.

The Kylie Kardashians Koko Kit comes in second with its shimmery nudes and warm orange tones - which is perfect for going out partying. However, when it comes to packaging and presentation few can beat the Fashion Fair's Holiday Kit, which offers some stunning deep reds and alluring nudes. 

Which is your favourite item in your makeup bag?

My secret weapon has got to be my Fashion Fair Hazelnut Foundation Stick. It hides a multitude of sins when you've been up all night with the kids, and need to get up and go looking fresh faced and fabulous the next day. 

Where did you get your makeup bag?

It's a slick black one from MAC which they sent to me after covering the V Festival a few years back so it's quite nostalgic. I love that you can wipe it down easily, and it's lightweight so good for travel.

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