What's In My MakeUp Bag - Florence Fasan


Florence Fasan is a stylist and the founder of Flo~Fix Image Consulting which is a brand that focuses on personal shopping, wardrobe analysis, style tips, fashion advice, make-up tips, female and male makeovers and custom clothing. A beauty lover, Florence took 10 minutes out of her busy day to tell us what's in her makeup bag. Tell us what is in your makeup bag. Mary Kay Concealer - a quick fix to give me a brightened look, No.7 Stay Lipstick - I am on the go a lot and I don't always get a chance to touch up my make-up but with this lipstick, I am guaranteed a minimum six hours look, NYX Matte Lipstick - I have this in pink to change my look from time to time, L'Oreal Mascara - The butterfly effect make my lashes longer and accentuates my eyes, Kiss Brow Powder to fill in my brows and L.A Colors Black `eyeliner. I also carry around my trimming tools which are a tweezer, nail sharper and brow blade sharpner.

Which is your favourite item in your make-up bag? Mary Kay Concealer; I love the fact that it is very easy and quick to use.

Where did you get your make-up bag? I bought it from the beauty section of the pharmacy and I have had it for three months.

Florence Fasan's makeupbag

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