What's In My Makeup Bag - Delphina Jones

Delphina JonesDelphina Jones is the founder of NXS, a brand that specialise in hair and beauty products made using natural ingredients. Delphina has a background in magazine and book publishing and made the move into beauty in 2009 with an aim to produce quality products for brown beauties. She took time out to show us the items in her makeup bag. Describe the items in your makeup bag. I have two makeup bags; a massive sack I keep at home full of things I never use but can’t bear to throw away and a smaller bag I take with me which is bursting at the seams. Mysteriously, I carry around lipsticks with only a scrape left inside the container, blunt lip pencils and shattered eyeshadows. I’ve bought all manner of makeup; from the cheap to the ridiculously expensive, price plays absolutely no part in how well they perform.

My current favourites are Clinique Superbalanced Foundation which is a lovely shade of brown, sparkly and gives a nice medium coverage, Sleek Pressed Powder is fabulous for coping with shine and under eye shadows. Revlon Blushed Wines Eye Shadow is a great palette but it’s discontinued so it’s down to the metal. Collection 2000 Eyeliner and Rimmel Mascara are excellent budget buys and very effective. MAC and Crownbrushes do excellent brushes which make your face glow.  When I worked in management I used makeup as warpaint to spur me on, I also used it as a barrier to stop people knowing me. I think women use makeup for that very reason, it’s a great mask, an alter ego.

Which is your favourite item in your makeup bag? Now I’m a Mum I don’t have time for elaborate makeup sessions anymore. Also I’m older, more confident and don’t care so much what others think about my looks. My favourite item is a good pressed powder. I love a good dab of powder before I head out of the door with my son.

Where did you get your makeup bag from? The faded tag inside my makeup bag tells me I bought it from Superdrug and it was definitely a great buy because it’s lasted for over seven years. It is black with faux leopard print trim. I’m a sucker for leopard print; tablet cover, hats, dresses, even shoes. You can’t go wrong with a bit of leopard print.

Delphina's makeup bag

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