What's In My Makeup Bag - Clare Oparo

Clare Oparo is a beauty buyer who is responsible for finding the best products for customers. She keeps up with industry information, sources products and helps stores put these products on their shelves. She started out blogging about skincare and naturally flowed into beauty buying. Finding great products in Kenya can be hard so she started recommending products to her readers and a couple of stores noticed what she was doing and approached her to work with them.

Describe the items in your makeup bag.

I don't really wear makeup, except on special occasions like weddings and photoshoots when a professional makeup artist has my back with the right tone products. I’m dark-skinned so finding the right shade of anything in Kenya is difficult. I don't really bother anymore, except with lipstick. I love lip products, you'll always find them in my makeup bag - balms, glosses, stains, lipstick...I want it all. Especially if it’s red. A great lip always makes me feel put together.

Which is your favourite item in your makeup bag?

That changes month to month. Currently, it's my Pauline Cosmetics Lipstick in the shade Marvel from the Busumate Collection. Busu means ‘kiss’ in Swahili. The Busumate Lipsticks are semi-matte and wonderfully moisturising, since they’re formulated with shea butter. So your lips will stay kissably soft. I love supporting African brands and Pauline Cosmetics is a great Kenyan one. I also love the story of the journey of the founder, Nelly Tuikong Park. Marvel is this gorgeous eggplant shade that goes perfectly with the dark nail polish I usually wear.

4. Where did you get your makeup bag?

I’ve had this papyrus purse for about two years. I got it at a local craft store at the Entebbe Zoo in Uganda. It's actually meant to be a coin purse, but I had other plans for it. Since I carry only lip products and a small vial of perfume, it works perfectly for me.

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