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Chiamaka Iwunze has a real passion for beauty, makeup, photography and writing which she explores in her blog, FashStyleLiv which she created three years ago. When she is not blogging she is holding down a job in the Public Sector. She took time out to show us the products in her makeup bag. My makeup bag is strictly products I take with me on the go and it's slightly different from my everyday makeup which resides on my dresser. I try to take products I know that can easily take my makeup from drab to fab especially if I am going out after work. I have combination oily skin so I always ensure I take products that can blot out any shine. I don't know if these products are too little or too much but they are all essential. I don't touch up my eyes because I try to ensure things like eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, etc are done well enough to last through the day. Right, let me get into the contents of my makeup bag...

Describe the items in your makeup bag. Powder - My favourite on the go touch up powder is the NARS Pressed Powder in Mountain. I really like the sleek packaging and it's very compact so it fits in my makeup bag easily. I also like how finely milled the powder is as it does not feel heavy at all. It's definitely one of my favourite on the go touch up powder. It takes away any shine so easily and leaves my face shine free (not too matte or cakey).

Bronzer - I am not so huge on many bronzers but the Bagsy Bronzing Powder is amazing. It is just the right shade to warm up my skin without looking ashy. I have had it in my makeup bag for a long time and it's one of the products that never get replaced when I refresh the contents of my makeup bag. It's also finely milled and easy to apply.

Concealer - LA Girl Pro Concealer is my go to concealer and it has featured in my favourites for two years straight. I am sure everyone has heard about these concealers and I am most impressed with how there are various shades to suit different complexions. My perfect shade is Fawn and I love how it completely erases my blemishes and it comes so handy in my makeup bag. I find that towards the end of the day, my foundation starts disappearing around my cheeks and blemishes peep through. My LA Girl Concealer comes to the rescue and conceals them properly. I dab it really lightly, blend it in and set it with my powder.

Ciate London & Olivia Palermo Bronze and Blush Duo - This is quite a new entrant to my makeup bag but I absolutely love it. It does not work as a bronzer for me but the blush section is divine. I find that my blush is also one of the first products to disappear so this just adds some colour back to my cheek. I love the dusky pink shade and it looks super flattering on my complexion.

Lipsticks - My Bagsy Chubby Stick is one of my favourite bright lipsticks because it just amps up my entire look. It has lived in my makeup bag for a while and I love how cute it is. It's a flattering colour on my lips especially when I am changing up from day to night. The second lip product is the L'Oreal Color Riche Lip Palette which I absolutely adore. It's a new purchase and I am there thinking where it has been all my life. It is so handy and I like that it can be applied with my fingers (clean fingers) or a lip brush. It has a good selection of colour for various complexions and it's one of my favourite lip products.

Brushes - I try to use makeup brushes that are multi-tasking because they save space. My first brush is the BH Cosmetics Kabuki Brush which I got as a gift with purchase from BH Cosmetics. I really like how fluffy this brush is and I use it for my powder and bronzer. The second brush was also a gift with purchase from Black Opal and I love how cute it is. I use it mainly for my blush and to set my concealer as it has a smaller surface area. It is densely packed so it does an amazing job. The third brush is the Sigma 3D HD Precision Brush which is perfect for my concealer. It does an amazing job at applying the concealer and blending it seamlessly. The last brush is the Nanshy Lip Brush which is so cute and perfect for applying lipstick from the Lip Palette. I particularly like it because it has a lid that shuts very securely so my makeup bag does not get messy.

What is your favourite product in your makeup bag? It's so hard to choose what product is my favourite but I think I would choose two. The first is my NARS Pressed Powder because it removes all the shininess from my face. It's just so perfect and I can't think of any other powder that works so well for me. The second product would have to be my L'Oreal Color Riche Lip Palette because it offers such a variety of colours to choose from. I have enjoyed using it in the short time I have had it and I love everything about it. I feel like if my shiny face is blotted and my lips are pretty, my entire face would be on fleek.

Where did you get your makeup bag? I have some must haves that need to be in my handbag when I am going out and my makeup bag is one of them. I used to collect makeup bags because I think they are cute (and I still do) but I think I have used my current one the longest. It's the Culture Vulture from Lulu Guinness which I purchased when it was on sale. The full price is around £65.00 but I snagged it for £20.00 in the sales which I think is insane. I have used it for almost two years and it's still going strong!! I love it because it is very spacious and keeps all my makeup bits and bobs. It also doubles as a clutch on days when I want to go super casual. That's pretty much the contents of my makeup bag and I hope you enjoyed this post. Do let us know in the comments box what your on-the-go makeup products are.

FashStyleLiv Makeup Bag

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