What's In My Makeup Bag - Afua Adom

Afua Adom is a TV presenter who works on a variety of exciting projects. She hosts the Metropolitan Mix on ABN Radio which is everyday from Monday to Friday between 10am-2pm. The show is a mix of music, interviews and chat. She also hosts a series on ABN TV called Young & Rising where she talks to the next big thing in entrepreneurship, business and the creative industries. She works with a production company called Equal Productions to make a show called Sustainable Energy for CNBC. Other projects in the pipeline are the Women 4 Africa Awards this May hosting on Reggie N Bollie’s first ever UK tour and producing a documentary series on African music. To say she keeps busy is an understatement.

Describe the items in your makeup bag
I must admit I have SO MUCH stuff in my makeup bag - I could probably do with a clear out if I’m honest. My essentials are my MAC Studio Fix Powder in NW50 or NW55 depending on if I’ve caught the sun or not. I like a little coverage on my face but not too much for everyday. I spend a lot of time wearing heavy make up for TV so day-to-day I try and keep it to a minimum.

I also love Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, I got the Matchstick Trio in Deep for Christmas and I love it. That comes out for when I really need good coverage. Years ago, when Beverly Knight had a make up range, I was gifted with some brushes which I still have now - imagine! The blusher brush is great for apply the Strobe Highlighter. A makeup artist told me about this. It’s £3 from Superdrug and lasts for ages - both on my skin and the blush block itself seems like it never finishes.

I wear lashes every day because I love them. They are my guilty pleasure. I really like Eylure ones, they aren’t too heavy and they have lashes for every look. I like to finish off with a lippie if I’m in the mood. Ruby Woo by MAC is my go to, I also picked up a lush brown from H&M in New York last year and it’s gorgeous.

I wear perfume every day without fail - it’s my other guilty pleasure. At the moment I am wearing Michael Kors Sexy Ruby during the day and Si by Giorgio Aramni in the evening. My partner treated me to some Christian Dior La Collection Privée Oud Elixir Précieux which is just beautiful. I like to layer that with my fragrances, the mix is just divine.

Which is your favourite item in your makeup bag?
My favourite item in my makeup bag is either my Si By Giorgio Armani fragrance or my Ruby Woo lipstick. Both are just classics which I would be lost without. I present a radio show every day and I have to be ready for whoever will rock up to the studio. I spritz on my perfume and a red lip and I feel ready to face anything. It’s like my armour.

Where did you get your makeup bag?
I got my makeup bag in Gambia 10 years ago. I was styling for a fashion show out there and picked it up on the last day at a market. It’s been everywhere with me - and it’s great because it’s cotton I can just fling it in the wash when I need to.

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