What's In My Make-Up Bag - Vesta Fosu

VestaVesta Fosu is a beauty junkie with a scientific background - having studied Biology at University. She also blogs at Chocolate-n-Curves where she shares her passion about make-up, skincare and natural hair care. She also had a YouTube channel where she covers the latest releases from beauty boxes. She took time out to tell us what's in her make-up bag. Describe the items in your make-up bag. I barely carry makeup for a full face on a day to day basis, so these are the bare essentials in my work makeup bag. I never leave home without my ‘face’ on.

A sample sized mascara - preferably they’re real Mascara from Benefit because they are the best for faking lengthy lashes and I’m still practicing how to glue on falsies.

Anita Grant’s Petroleum Free Jelly; it’s clean Vaseline and it’s my go to for dry lips, ashy elbows, knuckles and everything else.

Lipstick of the day: - usually one of three, MAC Verve, MAC Ruby Woo and Revlon’s Dark Knights Waterloops Berry.

Teensy mirror - o help me check if I have make-up on my teeth or my chin LOL.

Which is your favourite item in your make up bag? My favourite item in my bag would be the lipstick of the day. It’s how I transform into whatever I want to be by adorning my lips with creamy or matte colour. It just changes my mood and attitude and I can take on the day.

Where did you get your make up bag from? My make-up bag was a wedding gift (which makes it four yours old) and I later found out who Cath Kidson is. It is the perfect size to fit into a bag overflowing with student/work necessities. It forces me not to carry more than is essential.

Vesta's Make-up Bag

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