What's In My Make-Up Bag - Jodie Patterson


Jodie Patterson is the co-founder of Doobop which is a groundbreaking beauty e-tailer specifically designed for multi-ethnic women. She is also the owner of Georgia By Jodie Patterson which is a boutique beauty line. She took time out to tell us what is in her make-up bag. Describe the items in your make-up bag. Iman BB Cream is the perfect light coverage when I want to look unbothered but perfect. Fashion Fair’s True Fix Foundation in Divine Chocolate matches my undertones perfectly. For endless days that keep going on and on, I use this for my “second shift” to bring life back to my face. Eye brow powder and brush - if nothing else, my brows are always done. Tip: Have Damon Roberts give you a great shape and from there you can’t go wrong.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector adds an amazing glow to my cheeks, Nars Blush Stick in G Spot is a sure thing when I want to look mature and interesting. Becca Souffle Rouge in Lychee Opal for when I want to look ageless and fresh. Belmacz Lip Gloss works like a stain. It’s sheer enough that it makes my lips look naturally plump and kissable with just a hint of colour. The added gold flecks are very chic. Last but not least, a tiny eyelash brush that I use for my hair, brows and lashes. Genius.

Which is your favourite item in your make up bag? Dry lips are gross, I really can’t go an hour without Belmacz Lip Gloss.

Where did you get your make-up bag from? MZ Wallace in Soho, eight years ago…and it’s still going strong.

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All the products except for NARS are available to buy on Doobop.

Jodie Patterson's makeup bag