What's In My Make-Up Bag by Vivienne Nweke

VivienneSince they came onto the scene in 2005 CUCUMBA have been on a mission to transform a nation of stressed out, overworked souls into relentlessly fabulous, happy, shiny, pampered and polished princes and princesses. From massages, facials, manicures, pedicures to eyebrow shaping, the services at CUCUMBA can be tailored to suit your time and budget thus tailoring to your modern lifestyle. Founded by Vivienne Nweke & Stella Stephens, the salon is a mini sanctuary cocooned in the middle of busy Soho. They must be doing something right because last month they were Runner Up in the Beauty Salon category of the London Lifestyle Awards. They have also been described by the Evening Standard as one of London’s hippest salons and they have been rated by WAHANDA.

Co-Founder, Vivienne took time out to show me what’s in her make-up bag.

Describe the items in your make-up bag. It's more a survival kit than a make up bag as it contains skincare from Dermalogica - I never ever leave home without moisturising. Dental care, as I wear retainers, have gappy teeth and love smelly food. Eye care asIi'm blind as a bat and wear lenses which means my eyes often get dry so plenty of drops, creams, mist sprays and even calming cucumber and Aloe Vera eye slices. Sanitising aids as I'm a clean freak especially working with clients bodily bits combined with my love of eating with my hands.

Make-up wise the only thing I groom religiously are my brows which I use MAC powder to keep looking fresh after my monthly DesignHer Brow treatment at CUCUMBA. I don't really wear make-up on a day to day but for a treat I wear bold or dark MAC lipstick and I recently discovered LVL Lash Lift and from that moment on my love affair with mascara and eyeliner was born as the lash lift gives me instant WOW and the added mascara/liner adds the POW to the WOW.

Vivienne's makeup bag

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