What Happened at the brownbeautytalk Makeup Masterclass with MDMflow

Last Thursday we hosted our Makeup Masterclass with MDMflow where we invited 30 bloggers, Social Media Influencers and Podcasters for an intimate session. The aim of the event was to discuss foundations aimed at Women of Colour and to help Florence Adepoju, the founder of MDMflow to develop her own range of foundation. 

The session started off with Florence talking about her brand, the reasons why she created it, her background in the beauty industry, her influencers when growing up and her experience as a #brownbeauty brand owner. She really had some interesting stories to tell. 

We then moved onto a swatching session where Florence handed out samples of her foundation and asked the audience to test it and give her their feedback. To be frank, no-one held back and offered Florence their opinion on her latest product launch. There were also lots of constructive feedback and tips for her to take away.

She ended the evening by doing makeovers on three members from the audience. She created a perfect pink lip on one beauty addict, persuaded another lady to trade her neutral lip for a stunning bright red one and applied a beautiful rustic lipgloss on another lady. 

What we took away from the event - apart from the fact that Florence is a kickass - was that you do not need to be a huge brand to make a splash in the beauty industry. You also do not need to have the perfect set up - Florence started making her lipsticks in her shed in her parent's garden. Also that you are your brand - the main thing that Florence radiated was pure passion. Finally, the overall consensus was that there is certainly room for a budget priced foundation for all skin tones. 

We would like to thank Florence for hosting the event as well as our lovely bloggers, Social Media Influencers and podcasters who took part and really got stuck in. 

Also we would like to give out a massive thanks to our sponsors.

Our venue sponsor, Hunter Collective for being the perfect host and seeing to all our needs. 

For those of you who missed it, we will have a video up on the site in due course. 

Pics by Jo from Patent Purple Life, Natasha from Tasha's Face and Maria from The Tiger Tales