Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil


The Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil is aimed at those with sensitive skin and those with dry skin who suffer flare ups. I am the latter; I don't have sensitive skin as such but it does become sensitive from time to time and takes a day or two to calm down again. I have dry/oily combination skin so I like using oils on my face. This sweet almond oil aims to soothe, calm, heal, provide long-lasting moisturisation and reduce the feeling of tightness. It can also be used as a makeup remover which is great because I love multi-tasking products.

The bottle says it is "fragrance-free" however there is a scent so it would be better described as having "no added fragrance". Unsurprisingly, it smells of sweet almonds which is fairly pleasant but can also be a bit too strong for me as I prefer (but don't necessarily insist on) unscented products for my face. It depends on your personal preference.

I like to use this oil at night because it does leave a slight sheen on the skin, however I would wear it during the day in winter because it is very lightweight and my skin will need the protection against the wind and rain. The last thing you want from an oil is for it to be heavy and greasy but this is the complete opposite.

For makeup removal Weleda advises using the Soothing Facial Oil on a moist cotton pad. I did this once and it took a very long time and lots of cotton pads. I prefer to massage some into my skin to loosen my makeup, including mascara and then wash it away with a muslin cloth. Sometimes I repeat it if necessary. I then apply the oil to my damp skin, just as advised. Applying the oil like this locks in the moisture and leaves my skin feeling gorgeously soft until the morning.

I love that I can remove my makeup and moisturise my face using the same product which makes it almost perfect for travelling (the dark glass bottle is quite heavy). It is so easy to use and it saves me time. As well as having a gorgeously light texture and it really does soothe and calm the skin. I now use this Weleda Soothing Facial Oil everyday because it is such a pleasure to use.

Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Oil is priced at £16.95.

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