We Try Out Products by Creme de la Mer


Crème de la Mer is a Canadian brand that was started by an aerospace physicist who suffered from horrific burns on the skin. He used active ingredients found in the sea which he formulated into the Miracle Broth. The range started with the Moisturiser and has developed from there. Cleansing Foam I usually find Foaming Cleansers drying on my skin so I don’t use them, however this one did not leave my skin taut at all. The minty green colour and fresh marine smell made it perfect for my morning cleanse, or as a second cleanse after an oil or balm in the evening. A little goes a very long way and it left my skin feeling clean without being squeaky clean

Priced at £65.00

Treatment Lotion This product comes in at the toner stage in your cleansing routine. You can use it with cotton wool but it is recommended to apply it with your hands by pressing it into your skin focusing around the eye and jaw area. The texture is little thicker than water but it is not a gel so it has some slip. It is refreshing on the skin and smells lovely. I found it hydrating on the skin but as it has a silicone base I like to use a Hydrating Toner first and follow it with this product to seal in moisture.

Priced at £90.00

Eye Balm Intense and Eye Concentrate Interestingly the Eye Concentrate has a richer texture then the Eye Balm so I used the Balm in the morning and the Eye Concentrate in the evening. Both share quite a pungent marine smell. The Eye Concentrate is for dark circles and the Balm Intense is for puffiness. Both feel cool on my skin and the Balm has a slightly yellow green tinge. The products are very hydrating and as with the whole range, a little bit goes a long way. I am all about hydration and this is a great (if expensive formula for that).

The Eye Balm Intense and the Eye Concentrate are priced at £140.00 each.

Regenerating Serum I really don’t like Serums that leave the skin feeling taut. Thankfully the texture of this is like a light lotion so it is really comfortable to wear and absorbed into my skin quickly leaving it ready for the moisturiser.

Priced at £240.00

Moisturising Cream The most famous product from the range. Application is key with this product; you are advised to take a small amount in your fingertips and warm it up before pressing it into the skin. The texture is thick so it needs to be warmed up before use. During the warm weather, this was too rich for my normal combination skin but when I suffered from some irritation it was very soothing. If you have a drier skin type you will probably like this texture.

Priced from £108.00

With brands in this price point, it is really important to find the products that work for you and the benefit of Crème de La Mer is that they have a generous sampling program which gives you enough product to really try the range before you buy. Surprisingly the Cleansing Foam was my favourite product from the selection that I tried. However, if you are curious about the range it is definitely worth asking for a sample to try before you invest.

Crème de la Mer is available from John Lewis and other authorised stockists.

For more information, please visit their website.