We are Hosting a Makeup Masterclass with MDMflow

On Thursday 21st June we are hosting an intimate Makeup Masterclass with Florence Adepoju, the founder of MDMflow. You will learn all about the MDMflow brand, how she created it and what her plans are for the future. 

The evening will be divided into two sessions; a foundation session and a makeover. Florence has been working hard developing a foundation range for all skin tones and you will be able to collaorate with her to create the perfect foundation. This will take place by swatching sample MDMflow foundations and sharing your experience on shopping for foundations and what you would like to see on the market. This will be followed by a makeover where Florence will demonstrate how to use her fabulous products. 

Hunter Collective is our Venue Partner. They are a  2000 square feet space, flexible, practical co-working and studio space designed for you to work from and look after your clients.

Demur magazine is our Digital Partner. They are a lifetstyle platform that covers fashion, music art and culture.

Our Makeup Masterclass with MDMflow takes place on 21st June from 6.30pm.

You can book tickets here.