Too Faced Hangover Primer

Too Faced are considered to be a pretty young brand in the UK as they have not been available here for very long.  Whilst we can purchase an edit of their range at Debenhams and Selfridges we don’t have the full range that this eighteen year old brand has to offer. Too Faced are probably best known for their fragranced eyeshadow palettes. They have several iterations of their chocolate and peach palettes.  Did you know that Too Faced have a wide range of hero products including their primers?

Too Faced Hangover Primer is marketed as a product to help the skin deal with whatever went on the night before.  If your skin is suffering from a hangover.  From an ingredients perspective it is an interesting product; there is coconut water for hydration and pro-biotics, which are not only anti-microbial but also skin conditioning properties.  Housed in a tube with a pump, you get the perfect amount of product. Coconut water picks up from the coconut oil band wagon. There is no doubt that when ingested coconut water hydrates but I am sceptical about the level of hydration from a topical application.  There is a slight coconut fragrance which is very subtle and disperses quickly on the skin.

The texture of Hangover RX is that of a light moisturiser.  Great if you are not a fan of a silicone primer, sadly for me, the texture is a problem.  It is so like a moisturiser that it just absorbs into my skin. Any makeup that I apply on top looks good when first applied but within three hours is gone. Also it does not increase the longevity of my makeup in any way shape or form. I tried it with powder, liquid and stick foundations and it was always that same result.  

I’ve been using the product as a moisturiser rather than a primer and then going in with a different product to extend the wear of my makeup.  If Too Faced did not put ‘primer’ on the front of the tube, you would think that it was a moisturiser. If you have a dry and or dehydrated skin type, it is worth adding a drop of a face oil to make it even richer. If you have combination or oily skin it may be a great light hydrating moisturiser option for you.

Too Faced Hangover Primer is priced at £27.00

For more information, please visit their website.