Transformulas Eye Lifting Gel


Transformulas is a British cosmeceutical brand, who specialise in anti-aging and lifestyle treatments for the face and body, offering ‘beauty without surgery’. I haven’t heard of them before, but after a bit of research, I’m surprised that I hadn’t, since they offer an extensive range of products that target the face, eyes, lips, body and teeth. I tested the Eye Lifting Gel, which is also known as 'eyelift in a tube', that is supposed to smooth fine lines and wrinkles on the eye area. I don’t have wrinkles but have one or two fine lines under the eye that could do with concealing. The gel is said to lift and provide a protective function to help prevent the signs of ageing and improve moisture levels.

The eye area is one of the first areas that show signs of ageing, so if this works, I remember thinking when I first saw it, a lot of people will be thrilled. It comes in the form of a tube that’s very much like a mascara tube, with a wand applicator that looks like it’s from a lip gloss. The actual tube and packaging isn’t gimmicky, but is slightly clinical. Inside the tube is a transparent gel which gives a cooling sensation when applied on the skin. The cooling sensation is a welcome one when you’re applying this in the morning; Transformulas describe it as a ‘cooling relief’.

It is recommended to be used under the eye and on the brow bone, so I did that for a week, and applied after cleansing and before moisturiser as suggested. Sadly, I couldn’t really see that it had any effect on my fine lines despite really wanting to see a difference. Yes, the cooling effect is refreshing, but I can’t see that my fine lines have been smoothed, or that the gel produces an instant effect dissimilar to a normal moisturiser. On the packaging, it says that this ‘revolutionary biotechnological eye care innovation’ gives ‘immediate results’, but that remains to be seen.

A few users agree that it gives immediate results, some people say that you have to wait two or three months to see a difference, whilst others said they noticed no difference at all. It does feel tacky for a while but not for long. But when the gel dries, it made me feel like I was wearing a peel-off mask on the areas where I put it, which made me feel quite conscious.

I do like the idea and ease of using this product. However £29.95 for 10ml of a product that divides opinion is a bit pricey. Despite making my eyes feel temporarily rejuvenated, the effects aren’t really as promised. It does make the under eye area and brow bone feel more taut - I personally disliked this although I know some people who feel slightly ‘loose’ in those areas might embrace this. I think people with deep-set fine lines would see a greater transformation than those with minimal fine lines.

Transformulas’ Eye Lifting Gel is available to purchase from their website.