Transformulas Ageless Beauty ArmLift

Transformulas is a new brand to me which claims to provide beauty without surgery and it is a British cosmeceutical brand. The Transformulas website describes cosmeceuticals as products that combine cosmetics with medical science, a hybrid approach that harnesses biologically active ingredients to provide surgery-like benefits to the skin. I don't want or need any cosmetic surgery right now so this is an appealing alternative. 

The Ageless Beauty ArmLift is part of The Body range and it has a no sleeved required tagline which I thought was fun. It comes in chrome packaging which I personally think is over the top, making me think this was potentially over-compensating for the quality of the product inside. 

I tested this for four weeks, once a day on my upper arms although for the best results, twice per day was recommended. I was expecting a cream but the ArmLift is a gel-cream which is cool on application and gives a pleasant tingle whilst sinking in. It smells like a mixture of anti-perspirant and mint. It does contain mint; wild water mint to be exact, to tone, refresh and stimulate the skin. I agree that it definitely does that. 

It also contains tyr-arg dispeptide to treat and prevent slackened skin, glycofilm to protect against UV damage and pollution to ward off cellular damage, amino acids to hydrate and boost elastin to increase firmness, brighten skin and improve clarity, idealift to boost elasticity, gransil DMDM-5 to smooth and halosphere N to even our skin tone pigmentation and blur the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and bumpy skin.  

My arm skin has loosened with age and my arms look less toned as I can't dedicate as much time to the gym as I did in my 20s. I was looking forward to testing this for a confidence boost. I agree that the ArmLift is refreshing, hydrating and stimulating which is a different feeling to my usual moisturisers which hydrate and soften. I don't consider lines, wrinkles and bumpy skin to be an issue, so I couldn’t test that. 

Over the four weeks I did notice that my arms looked better in that they had a better tone - they looked more shapely.  I don't know if this was because I managed to get to the gym more often in that time or if it was down to the ArmLift. I think it is reasonable to say that my improved-looking arms were down to a mixture of both. 

Although the texture and the sensations took some getting used to, I learned to love the Transformulas ArmLift, which left a good first impression on me. I would want to use it for a little longer before recommending it so I would buy this and possibly try out some of the other products. Transformulas seems to have a solution for almost everything.

Transformulas Ageless Beauty ArmLift is priced at £25.95 for 75ml on their website, and I think it is worth the price.