Top 10 Tips on Creating a Beauty Brand


Staring a business is certainly not easy and it takes a lot of time and dedication. However, it's all worth it in the end when you get to see your baby grow from just an idea to a fully fledged brand. Susan Benjamin from Ayo Beauty shares her top 10 tips on creating a beauty brand. 1. Above all you must have passion as you will experience many lows and if you are not 110% committed to fulfil your dream you will easily just give up.

2. Research and know the market as to where you see your brand fitting in.

3. You will not have all or any of the skills required to just jump feet first into this business, so work hard to connect and build relationships with people who you can work with in creating your brand. It might mean coming out of your comfort zone but network, network, network.

4. You don’t have to do it all by yourself – don’t be afraid to ask for help, you’ll be surprised how many people there are out there who will be willing to offer a helping hand

5. Before you can even consider selling your products, ensure you are aware of all the EU regulations and testing that your products will have to conform to. As well as obtaining the necessary liability insurance to protect your business.

6. It is important to do market testing of your brand, and using the feedback to make any changes to your products to ensure they are the best they can be before launching.

7. Take it from me, you will make many mistakes along the way - it’s all part of developing your business. Don’t let this deter you and instead look at it as your learning opportunity. These are the things that make you stronger.

8. Be persistent, have faith, don’t give up, as you will be surprised what awaits you round the corner.

9. Don’t be naïve about how much this endeavour will cost you both in terms of money. If you are self-funded it is not easy especially when there are costs you hadn’t factored in as well as time. You have to be fully committed to making your business the success it deserves to be and this is all consuming.

10. Try as best as you can to get a balance as you must not neglect your family or more importantly yourself.

Dream the dream, visualise success – and it will happen.

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