Thea Skincare Skin Brightening System


Thea Skincare is an award-winning British brand which is parabens and cruelty free and suitable for vegans. One of their decorations is the Gold award for The Green Parent Natural Beauty Award 2014. When I began my trial of Thea Skincare Skin Brightening System I had no major skin concerns. My skin was in good condition and as far I am concerned there was no dullness. My only objective was to keep it supple and moisturised. I trialled this range for seven days using the Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Cream Cleanser, Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator and Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Moisturiser and my skin developed a lovely healthy glow. These items were travel friendly sizes at 15ml. I introduced the products slowly, using the Cream Cleanser first and then a few days later I began the Enzyme Exfoliator and Enzyme Moisturiser. The cleanser is a light creamy consistency. Although the recommended application is to apply the product with a moist cotton wool pad or muslin cloth, I opted to use my hands. I was trying to stretch the product to have enough for at least a one week trial. I don’t normally use an Exfoliator every day but because it’s so gentle and I was only trialling for seven days,

I used the Enzyme Exfoliator for the entire trial period, mostly after the Cream Cleanser because it felt strange using a cleanser that didn’t foam. I felt as though my skin wasn’t clean enough, nothing to do with the product but I had to rethink my concept of facial cleansing. However, I would not advise using the exfoliator in this way because the correct use is to apply it once per week.

The Exfoliator has fruit-based Alpha Hydroxy system with 83% organic ingredients and claims that ‘the appearance of wrinkles and sagging is notably reduced and skin texture is exceptionally smooth and more supple even-tone skin.’ Based on the amount of product I had to work with I can’t confirm it all. However, I can say that my skin was left smooth and looked bright. I followed up with the Enzyme Moisturiser. This moisturiser was perfection, not too thick not too thin and lasted all through the night. I awoke each morning with skin that looked moisturised, soft and crease free.

Thea’s Skin Brightening System is designed to gently exfoliate the skin without the need for harsh scrubs via the use a blend of fruit enzyme extracts. The range is suitable is aimed at all skin types expect for hypersensitive skin. Based on the period I trialled the range, I’d recommend interested parties to go for the Face Renew Starter Pack which would contains Fruit Enzyme Cream Cleanser, Fruit Enzyme Rejuvenating Toner, Exfoliator and Moisturiser. The range consists of 50ml and 15ml sizes which is enough for you to experience the full benefits.

Thea Skincare Skin Brightening System Starter Set is priced at £32.95.

For more information on the brand please visit their website.