The Top Five Beauty Apps


We are in the digital age where we are constantly glued to our phones. Whether we are tweeting, pinning, instagramming, whatsapping, texting, emailing or gasp talking on the phone. There is no doubt that these small devices play a huge part in our lives so it is only right that they should assist us when making beauty choices. We have outlined the top five beauty apps that we love. Makeup Genius This is the baby of L'Oréal Paris and it is a make-up app that allows you to virtually test all the beauty brand's products in augmented reality. It will allow you to try out make-up products using your mobile phone or tablet as a virtual mirror. You will be able to test make-up products, try a new make-up look, or scan a barcode at the point of sale. In addition to virtually testing products, the app allows users to follow the tutorials from the brand's make-up designers.

Makeup Genius is available to download for free on the iPhone and iPad.

ASK Bobbi The ASK Bobbi app launched in August, it offers tips, advice and make-up recommendations from the mighty lady herself. You can discover recommended products based on your purchase history and you will be be kept updated on the latest launches. Ask Bobbi also keeps you in the loop and will automatically notify you with tips on using an item that you have already bought. You will be able to shop directly from the ASK Bobbi Wishlist.

ASK Bobbi is available to download for free on iPhone at the App Store.

Beautyspotter This app is a directory app where you can discover great hair salons, make-up and nail artists via the work that they create. It is unique because it allows you to select a service based on the look and hair style that appeals to you. Once you make the selection then the details for the salon or artist comes up so you can book an appointment or contact them for more information if you so wish. Beautyspotter was created by Gemma Bellman, an ex L’Oreal brand manager, who created the app because of the frustration she experienced when trying to find hair and beauty treatments for her wedding.

Beautyspotter is available to download for free on iPhone at the App Store.

BantuApp This app was created last summer and it is a peer to peer classifieds service for ladies who are looking for someone in their local area to braid their hair. It was created by John Eke when he saw a need for ladies to source a hair braider in a speedy and effective way. The information is collected by hairdressers adding their details to the directory and customers can rate their skills and services by leaving recommendations.

BantuApp is available in the UK and North America and runs on iOS.

Pretty in my Pocket aka PRIMP This is a review app that enables you to share word of mouth product recommendations and pictures showing how a product actually looks on your skin or face. Users are are invited to post their own looks and reviews. What is so cool about PRIMP is that you can scan the barcode or search for over 100,000 products and read honest reviews.

Pretty in my Pocket can be downloaded on your iPhone, Android or tablet.