The Original Beauty Blender

I have finally managed to get my hands on the Original Beauty Blender sponge. I was really looking forward to seeing what the fuss was all about. It is said to be good for the application of primers, foundation, powders, cream blush and more. I have to say, I prefer to apply cream blush with a sponge but didn’t with this one as I am not really a fan of cream blush in general, probably because I haven't found one that lasts.

The Beauty Blender guarantees a professional finish and the pointed egg shape is said to allow for effortless blending resulting in a perfect finish every time. It should be used wet and rather than being absorbed, the makeup sits on top which should mean that less makeup is used.  You are supposed to soak the Beauty Blender in water then squeeze out the excess without wringing it.

I used a primer water spray rather than tap water which probably meant I didn’t get the full expansion but I don’t think that negatively impacted on performance. I used it to apply liquid foundation and found that I didn’t use less. I think I ended up using just a little more than usual. 

The instructions say to bounce the sponge to apply makeup but it wasn’t bouncy to me so I dabbed it on.  It does give a flawless finish and can easily be squeezed to reach under the eyes and around the nose. 

The Beauty Blender needs washing after each use. I just don’t have the time to do that which I why I have so many duplicates of brushes and sponges in my collection. For this trial, I used different sides each day until I ran out of space on the sponge then I washed it. With regular cleaning, the sponge is supposed to last three months. 

The Original Beauty Blender costs £16.00 which I think is a lot for a tool that lasts for only three months. That’s £64.00 per year. I'd prefer to spend my cash on two good brushes or a number of the really good alternative sponges available for a lower price.  So, whilst I'm glad to have one as it's good to have a choice of tools depending on mood and product to be applied, I'm not sure I would purchase it. 

For more information, please visit their website.