The Ordinary Serum Foundation

The Ordinary Serum Foundation is lightweight, medium-coverage with a high level of pigmentation. Like the Coverage Foundation it is available in 21 shades. These shades are divided into three categories: one for fair to lighter tones, two for medium tones; and three for darker tones. Each category is then classified further by a second digit from 0 to three to indicate depth within each category.

Finally, a letter is added to the shade code to identify the undertone: P (Pink) and R (Red) indicate cool undertones for lighter and darker shades respectively; N indicates a Neutral tone; Y indicates a Yellow undertone. Each shade code has a descriptive name as well. For example, 1.2P is Light with Pink Undertones while 3.0Y is Medium Dark with Yellow Undertones. 

This foundation offer moderate coverage that looks natural with a very lightweight serum feel. They are very low in viscosity and are dispensed with the supplied pump or with the optional glass dropper available for purchase separately if preferred. 

I prefer the Serum Foundation over the Coverage one. It is described as having a red undertone but it is more orange than some foundations I have used which works well for me.  The formula is silicone heavy but it does not irritate my skin.  The finish is described as natural which it can be but you can also build it up.

Some oil does come through but unlike the Coverage Foundation, you can powder without looking cakey.  It plays nicely with other cream and liquid products and the coverage is pretty full despite not being the Coverage Foundation. Just remember to shake the bottle before use to get even application.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation is priced at £5.70.

For more information, please visit their website