The Ordinary Buffet – Multi Technology Peptide Serum

As well as Fenty Beauty, The Ordinary also caused a stir in the beauty scene and disrupted the market. Their skincare and foundation has had everyone agog with their value for money. I tried out three of their serums - and one of them was Buffet

This product contains eleven peptides and hyaluronic acid.  Peptides are important in skincare as they stimulate the production of collagen in the skin.  Collagen product reduces significantly as you age so and can also be depleted by environmental factors, so collagen in skincare is a good thing. 

While the benefits of peptides in skincare are proven, however slapping loads of peptides onto your face in isolation is not the path to skin health.  Your skin is an organ that needs to be hydrated and nourished too. Brands that focus on ‘anti-ageing’ will throw a couple of peptides into their products so to have 11 in one is hefty.  They work on different aspects of ageing skin including wrinkles and firmness. 

I enjoyed using Buffet. The light texture meant that it was easy to mix with my moisturiser or apply as a layer after cleansing.  I can’t say that my skin was firmer after using it for several weeks but it was definitely plumper.  Buffet contains several forms of hyaluronic acid as well as the peptides so that is definitely a benefit for the skin but I did like this product and would definitely recommend it if are looking for an affordable way to ramp up your existing skincare regime.

The Ordinary Buffet – Multi Technology Peptide Serum is priced at £12.70.

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