The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% with HA Serum

When I think about The Ordinary, the phrase ‘disruptive innovator’ comes to mind.  This multi award-winning brand has shaken up the skincare industry with its simplistic packaging, affordable prices and a heavy dose of science.  The brand can be polarising, but the best way to see what the fuss is about is to try the products. I tried the Alpha Arbutin 2% with HA Serum

All the products I tried are fragrance-free and have a light almost water-like texture.  The benefit of this means that it is easy to layer them in your routine without leaving the skin feeling weighed down by product.  They are also all twice a day products so I did not have to remember what to use when.  

Arbutin is a naturally derived plant active that has been clinically proven to lighten the skin in various clinical studies. I had high hopes for Alpha Arbutin 2% as I have a couple of scars from spots that I wanted to get on top of.  In addition I have some hyperpigmentation around my mouth and chin. 

There is a difference between dermal and sub-dermal hyperpigmentation.  The latter is based in the deeper layers of the skin and is rarely improved by topical application of product.  Pigmentation that is closer to the surface of the skin however can be treated topically and that is what I had hoped for. 

Sadly, this product irritated my skin, I found that on my forehead especially my skin was itchy and that itchy turned into a rash so I stopped using it. When I stopped using it the rash disappeared.  On the lower part of my face where the majority of my spots from scars are, it did not irritate the skin, but it did not improve my hyperpigmentation either. 

The Ordinary can be quite an overwhelming range; there are lots of products with lots of scientific names and claims.  My advice would be to start with a couple of products.  Take before and after pictures and focus on your greatest skin concerns first.  If a product irritates you then stop using it.  Give your skin time to recover and then try a couple more products. 

There is no point in buying the whole lot and using it all at the same time because you won’t know which product did what.  Based on the three products that I have been tested, my recommendations would definitely be the Buffet and the Caffeine Solution but there are lots more products that I am keen to try.

The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% with HA Serum is priced at £7.00.

For more information, please visit their website.