The No Scrunchie Good Afro Salon Awards


We all know that finding a quality hairdresser who has the skill to work with afro hair (regardless of the texture) and has a high level of professionalism can be very hard. Finding a good hair stylist is like finding a good builder, the good ones never need to advertise and seem to be booked up. So how do you go about selecting one? Well No Scrunchie have created a great platform where you can leave comments about your experience at a salon but they also have an awards show where they celebrate excellence in the afro hair salon world. Now in its third year, the The Good Afro Salon Awards took place last week and ten salons were crowned for consistently delivering superb service to their customers. You can find the results below:

Weave Stylist

Kanni's undiscovered beauty

Best Customer Service 2015

Angels Hair Nails and Beauty

Chemical Treatments

Ziuzo hair and beauty salon

Cut and Style Pro

Tip Top Salon

Colour Technicians

Ziuzo hair and beauty salon

Mobile Stylist

Natural Gloe

Natural /Loc Hair

Mahogany hair spa


Kanni's undiscovered beauty

Braid/Plait/Twist Stylist

Rootz hairdressing

Mixed Race Hair Styling

H and G international hair and beauty salon

Congratulations to all the winners.

Have you been to any of these salons? What were your experiences?

Pictured above are Jacqueline Shepherd who hosted the event and Leillah Sekalala, the founder of No Scrunchie.