The Easter Beauty Edit


Easter signifies of rebirth and regeneration for some. Coinciding with the start of spring, it’s a time of fresh starts. We springclean our homes and begin tweaking our beauty regime in preparation for the warmer months. Some of you may have given up sweets and chocolate for lent. At brownbeauty we will be featuring all things chocolate in the Easter Beauty Edit. Here are some chocolate treats that will go easy on your hips. Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask Spring, bees and honey go together like cookies and cream. Bee Good NectaPerfecta Beautifying Mask is suitable for all skin types. It can be used for a variety of skincare issues such as: brightening and revitalising ageing skin and rehydrating dry skin. NectaPerfecta is the ideal head to product. Amongst its key ingredients are Beeswax, Propolis (a type of resin collected by honeybees from tree buds), as well as, Alpha Hydroxy Fruit Acids. It has light pomade consistency, melts easily between the fingers and spreads easily on the skin.

Priced at £39.95

Bomb Cosmetics Choc Mint Shower Butter Bomb Cosmetics have put the dynamic duo chocolate and mint. Think After Eights for your skin, decadent chocolate with soothing after taste of mint. Bomb Cosmetics' Choc Mint Shower Butter is sexy-creamy in a semi-solid form at room temperature. A few key ingredients included are Shea Butter (which does wonders for conditioning and moisturising the skin), Frankincense Essential Oil and Gold Pleasure oil (rich in Omega 3 and 6). At the end of your shower, the spearmint leaves you with a delightful minty fresh tingle. Bomb Cosmetics Choc Mint Shower Butter is vegan friendly.

Priced at £7.99

Lord & Berry Eye Products Brown beauties often struggle to find perfect browns in makeup. Lord & Berry have the most delicious brown Eye Pencil in Coffee. The point is super-soft, easy to apply and can be used for lining or shading eyes. For a polished groomed brow, Lord & Berry’s Diva Pressed Eyebrow Powder in Rita, a divine brown is just the ticket. It can be applied wet or dry. On a darker skin the Coffee eye pencil and Rita Eyebrow Powder will give a polished nude look. On fairer brown skin the eyes will pop with dramatic effect.

Lord and Berry Eye Pencil is priced at ££9.00 and the Diva Pressed Eyebrow Powder is £10.00.

Choco-Facial at Cucumba - The Urban Pit Stop If you fancy pampering yourself over the Easter holiday then look no further than a Choco-Facial at Cucumba - The Urban Pit Stop. This chocolate facial uses chocolate scented and coco based products to deliver an indulgent facial. Exactly the same process for any facial is followed but this chic salon in Soho uses coco blended products and chocolate essential oils. These are amazing antioxidants that repair your skin cells and neutralise harmful free radicals. Your skin will be left revived, nourished and radiant - perfect for the changing weather. Plus choco beans sooth your nerves, smell good and makes you feel happy!

The Choco-Facial is priced between £9.50 for under ten minute to £65.00 for an hour.

With these calorie free chocolate treats, brown beauties are bound to be blooming stunning this spring.