The brownbeauty Guide to Make up Setting Sprays


A lot of thought goes into your makeup look: from choosing the right primers, finding that perfect lip and eye combo, highlight, contouring, strobing etc, so you would want to make sure all that work stays put for as long as possible. Yes you can set your makeup with a powder, but after facing the elements for a few hours, even the best of powders will fall short against our ‘glorious’ UK weather. Makeup setting sprays promise to keep your makeup on for longer and help to avoid makeup melt down and even transferring. It’s like hairspray for your face: it locks everything in place without leaving a residue or disturbing your makeup. Some swear by it and others don’t really care for it. I have tried and tested a few and I must say I’m impressed with their performance. So to no further ado, please find the brownbeauty Guide to Make up Setting Sprays.

Urban Decay All-Nighter This product by Urban Decay promises to keep your make up set for 16 hours. Whereas I haven’t tested the 16 hour claim, I love to use this on a night out when I need my makeup to stay put for much longer. It doesn’t leave a dewy finish, in fact its weightless fine mist means you hardly feel anything on your face.

Priced at £21.00

Avon Make-up Setting Spray This is another recent purchase which gets the job done. With this however it can make your face feel tight and a tad be tacky/sticky. I am not the biggest fan of how it smells too.

Priced at £4.80

MAC Prep  Prime Fix+ This was my first purchase from MAC a few years back and I must say I love everything about this. It leaves a dewy finish which I prefer in the colder seasons instead of a matte finish.

Priced at £17.00

Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist This is a recent purchase and an instant favourite. I love to use this both over makeup and alone. It’s perfect for taking away the ‘cakey’ look especially if you over powdered. It also leaves a semi dewy glow and smells great.

Priced at £9.50

One thing I will say about the Setting Sprays is this, remember to apply your mascara after you sprayed your face. Many a times I have had my mascara run because of this. I also use it on my brushes for eyeshadow to help the colour more intense.