Curl Care and Definition with the Boucleme System


I’ve been rocking my natural curls for five years and in that time I’ve not committed to one brand. I have my hair staples but I tend to mix it. It’s has been a real challenge to find all the things I need from one range. I have thin hair with fine curls of a 2B/2C curl type but many products on the market are either too drying for my hair because it is colour treated or too heavy to style it. Boucleme has a three-step system which comprises of a Curl Cleanser, Curl Conditioner and Curl Defining Gel. It is 0% parabens, silicones and sulphates. Boucleme has given me curl perfection and I believe it will work well for many curl types. The Boucleme system was conceived, created, and is manufactured in the UK. As a UK based naturalista I see the merit in using a brand that was made here and I believe that it should cater for our water and climate.

I trialled the range for three consecutive hair washing sessions with wonderful results. I like the simple stylish packaging - each product is packaged in an uplifting pastel colour and the script for the directions are clear and easy to read. The fragrance took me by surprise though - simply because t’s just so different to anything I’ve ever used on my hair. It's not unpleasant, just not the typical floral or overtly sweet and feminine smell. I am still trying to decide whether I like it or not. What I can say is that it’s a unisex sort of citrusy smell so curly guys can use it too.

Trial One The Curl Cleanser has the consistency of a light conditioner and works like a co-wash cleanser. I don’t use many styling products in my hair but what I do use are mostly organic. When I washed my hair with the cleanser I applied it only once and after rinsing my hair it felt clean and lightly conditioned. I applied the conditioner as advised to my wet hair and I found that it detangled easily. Normally I towel dry my hair before applying any treatment or conditioner so this was a slightly different technique for me.

After detangling my hair I rinsed out the conditioner and applied the Curl Defining Gel. I applied the gel to wet hair as directed which again was a first to me. I then followed up with my favourite hair oil and diffused my tresses. The result was well defined bouncy moisturised shiny curls without the crunch. I was also extremely happy that my hair looked and it felt full.

Trial Two I applied a handmade Organic Leave In Conditioner after the Curl Defining Gel. Mid-week after trial one my hair was a little dry but this is no fault of the product at all. As stated earlier my hair is colour processed so it requires bit more attention to stay hydrated. I had even better results by including the Leave-in Conditioner in my hair regime.

Trial Three I applied a handmade Organic Hair Butter after the Curl Defining Gel. I was curious to see what results I would get. Then after diffusing, I applied a little Hair Oil. I am pleased to say that this process gave me the best result yet. My tip for those with dry hair is that the Curl Conditioner can be left in as a leave-in conditioner. I didn’t do that during my trial, however, I did use it during the week as a styling product and my hair didn’t feel clammy or tacky by end of the week.

I believe the Boucleme system will work for many curl types. However, for tighter and coarser curl types to have better definition and longer curl retention I would recommend using the Curl Conditioner as a leave-in conditioner, including a stronger hold gel along with an oil to retain moisture. The Curl Cleanserr and Curl Defining Gel are priced at £15.00 each and the Curl Conditioner is priced £17.00 for 300ml. Depending on the length, thickness and how often you wash your hair they should last for at least five to six weeks.

Boucleme pic 2

Boucleme has a really good website. A newly natural lady or a naturalista who struggles to achieve the best look for her curls will find helpful information on the website. It contains curl care tips and information on their products.

For more information please visit their website.