The Big Brows Trend


I think it’s true to say that most of us have recently been inspired by celebrities and the trend in big brows. For me, I noticed that brows were becoming popular when people (including myself) liked Keira Knightley’s full brows, which made their blatant appearance in several blockbuster films about six years ago. Since then several celebrities have assumed thick brows, including the likes of Beyonce and Cara Delevingne and thin brows seem to have been edged out by their thicker counterparts. Cara in particular is responsible for recently booming the number of followers in the ‘thick brow cult’.

I find that thicker brows allow for more grooming and creativity. Thicker ones require filling and brushing, which to me is more fun than the constant plucking or waxing that thin brows require. With thin brows it’s kind of necessary that they extend to a medium or high height.

However with thicker brows, you can have arches of low to high height, making them more versatile. They frame the face nicely and give off an air of definite cool. We have witnessed the demise of thin brows, which are more and more being seen as a thing of the early millennium.

Of course, nearly all of the beauty brands out there picked up on the trend and were quick to supply customers with their demand for brow products. Normal people like you and me wanted celebrity thick brows, but needed products to help create and maintain them. There are brow products everywhere now, and most of them are quite good and easy to use.

Beauty brands have really stepped up when it comes to brow products. In previous years, it was acceptable for them to offer a standard brow pencil but now thick brows are truly catered for. I sense that the thick brow trend is here to stay for a long time.