The Beauty Product I Cannot Live Without - Victoria Ogowewo


Victoria Ogowewo is a beauty blogger and a makeuup junkie who can be found discussing her favourites and newest finds on her blog, Beauty Breaks with Vicky and on her YouTube channel. She tells us about the beauty product she cannot live without. The product I can’t live without has definitely got to be my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. It took a while to find my match and I’m in the shade Sandlewood 6W1. I’d been hearing a lot of people raving about it on YouTube and on blog posts for a few years, but I was adamant that the drugstore foundations were fine for me. I use this foundation if I’m going to be out the whole day and need my makeup to stay looking on point. It’s my bullet proof foundation. I have three bottles at the moment - all in different shades, mainly due to wrong shade matching, but also I actually use this foundation as a mixer. So I mix my darkest one in the shade Rich Mahogany with foundations that are too light for me which is perfect. I’ve also got the shade Truffle which is more of an ashy finish on me, so I mix it with foundations that are a bit too orange for me. Either way this foundation when mixed helps to keep other foundations lasting for ages.

OK this may sound strange but I actually have a beauty room. So my makeup is all in my room and that’s also where I do my filming. I honestly shop for this foundation every month, but then take it out of my basket. I think having three at once is enough for now. Well until my next shopping trip. I just love how long lasting this foundation is. I can literally wear it all day and my face still looks the same from initial application. Some people may think it’s quite a heavy foundation, but I find it very comfortable to wear. It’s definitely full coverage, but I love that about it. I also love the fact that it comes in so many different shades and deeper skin tones have quite a few options too which is amazing. Definitely a thumbs up from me.

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