The Beauty Product I Cannot Live Without - Vicki Igbokwe


Vicki Igbokwe is the Founder, Creative Director and Choreographer of Uchenna Dance and an Empowerment Specialist. Her work focuses on empowerment, entertainment and education through creating dance theatre productions, mentoring, coaching and teaching in FE and HE education. She is currently working on a new production called The Head Wrap Diaries, which is an immersive-interactive dance theatre production that uses comedy to explore women, beauty, hair and culture. The beauty product I cannot live without is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant. In 2011 I was sitting in a café having a meeting with a colleague when I looked into my bag to find my lip balm… It was nowhere to be found and I was having a serious case of dry lips. I asked my colleague if she had something I could use and she gave me the Eight Hour Cream. I was hooked. I love its look, smell and the way it instantly makes my lips feel soft: kissable and protected.

I use her (I can't say the word 'it") everyday without fail. I have tried using other lip products (I can sometimes be easily seduced by eye catching packaging) but they simply do not compare to my beloved Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, I am loyal because she always gets the job done. I use her with or without makeup on and always before I put lipstick on. Currently, I have two 50ml, one 30ml, two 15ml and one 13ml tubes/tins of her at home (please don't judge me!). If I see her on sale or am travelling and find a great travel gift pack I stock up. There is always one in my bag. Quite simply she makes me feel fierce, fabulous and free, for this I am eternally grateful.

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