The Beauty Product I Cannot Live Without - Tola Okogwu

Tola Okogwu is a blogger and author of Daddy Do My Hair which a children's book series. She has launched the third book in the series, Kechi’s Hair Goes Every Which Way.  Tola wants to tackle the relationship between young black girls and their natural afro hair in a vibrant, entertaining and educational way. She took time out to tell me about the beauty product she cannot live without. 

If I were ever stuck on a desert island the product I’d happily barter my husband and children for is my MAC Brow. If eyes are the windows to the soul then eyebrows are definitely the frame. I suffer from an underactive thyroid gland and so my brows grow very sparsely. I’m not a big wearer of make-up but I won’t leave the house without my brows on fleek, even my three year old knows this.

Brow is a medium soft brow pencil that allows you to draw very fine and realistic strokes. It applies easily and is fairly hard wearing.  It comes in a very wide variety of shades too. I usually have two to three pens strategically placed at any given time, as I’ve been caught out before when it ran out. One in my purse for those emergency sleepovers, one in my overnight toiletries bag and another on my dressing table. One pen usually lasts me about three to four months and I try and get the hubs to grab one from duty free whenever he travels.

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