The Beauty Product I Cannot Live Without - Lillian Ogbogoh

Lillian Ogbogoh is a show host, blogger and published author. She has a brand new online show, Shine Out Loud Show that focuses on creatives of colour on our shores and further afield. She took five minuets out to tell me about the beauty product she cannot live without.

Now I had to think about this long and hard as there are some incredible products that I have in my arsenal to really list just one is a challenge. However, the clear winner is my tub of organic, raw Coconut Oil. I am addicted to the stuff,  I eat it, I put it in in smoothies and every aspect of skin, when I remember to I use it to keep my teeth healthy by oil pulling and my hair gets the Coconut Oil love too,  I suffer from major dry skin and my skin get days where it freaks out and coconut oil springs to the rescue. I use it in my cleansing routine as my face wash, night cream, and skin lotion also, I use it to make my face mask with honey. My home is never without it,  I currently have a 1.2kgtub with some living in my bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. I love the sheer versatility of Coconut Oil, from the healthy impact on your diet and body in general to all the ways I can use the product.  In fact, I dub it the Swiss army knife of products.
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