The Beauty Product I Cannot Live Without - Letitia Hector


Letitia Hector is an actress who stars in the series, Venus vrs Mars which is the story of an idealistic twentysomething who is looking for love. The show launched on YouTube in 2011 and as well as creating a huge following they picked up a few awards along the way. One of them being the Screen Nation Digital-IS Media Awards where they scooped Favourite Web Series and Letitia won Favourite Web Series Actress. The show was picked up by Sky Living and will be aired tomorrow. Letitia tells us about the beauty product she cannot live without. The product that I cannot live without is Simple's Kind to Skin Purifying Cleansing Lotion. I didn't really have a skincare regime until a few years back where my boyfriend actually introduced me to the product. I now use the entire range but this cleanser is the real MVP. I've chosen this product as there isn't a day that goes by without me using it. As I am not a person who wears make up on a daily basis, I love how it softens, hydrates, cleanses and brightens the skin. It definitely makes me feel - and I quote in my best Beyonce voice, 'Flawless'. I own about three bottles at the moment and they all have their homes in my handbag, bathroom and bedroom. The best thing about this range is that Superdrug or Boots always seem to have them on a good deal and I love a bargain.

Tune into Sky Living (Sky 107) tomorrow at 11pm to watch Venus vrs Mars

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