The Beauty Product I Cannot Live Without - Laila-Jean Washington


Laila-Jean Washington is a natural hair and lifestyle vlogger known as Neffy FroFro who shares her loves and thoughts on Fusions of Culture. She has been since 2011 as an outlet to share her experience in transitioning to natural hair and since then she has turned into a bit of an internet sensation. Laila will be hosting a workshop at Curlvolution on 23rd May with Pelumi from Care for Your Hair on how to succeed at Blogging. Laila-Jean took time out to tell us about the beauty product she cannot live without. The beauty product I cannot live without is Camile Rose Curl Maker. I first tried this product about two years ago when it was sent to me to review. Initially, I used it as gel to smooth the updos and buns until I discovered how perfect it was for my wash n go's. I'm an occasional wash n go wearer so luckily for me not too often. The product is pretty pricey so I keep it for when I'm feeling fancy. I currently have two and one is almost done...*welp*

I keep the Curl Maker in my bedroom with my luxury hair products - the things I love to use but hate to see finished. A little goes a very long way, it's been two years and I've only had three bottles. I love how the product smooths and clumps my curls together while maintaining its volume when dry. My hair also stays extremely soft and moisturised. As far as wash n go products go, I've hit the jackpot, all I need now is an endless supply of product. Preferably for free :).

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