The Beauty Product I Cannot Live Without - Denise Rawls

Denise Rawls is a communications consultant who is also the founder of HueBoxx, which is a letter box friendly gift boxes curated to celebrate Women of Colour and available on subscription or as one off treats. She took time out to tell me about the beauty product she cannot live without. 

Most face creams make my eyes water but of course I need a decent face cream especially now 50 is getting closer and I’m a sleep deprived entrepreneur. I’m not a massive beauty devotee but I am a big fan of Elemental Herbology’s Cell Nourish but at £46.00 a bottle it’s a luxury I can’t justify now I’ve left the security of full time employment and have started a couple of businesses. I’ve been on the hunt for a face cream that doesn’t make my eyes water and that my skin loves so I’ve been testing out a few finds when I see something that catches my eye, usually in TK Maxx. 

Just a couple of months ago I found Organic Surge Ultra-Light Oil Control Lotion and it was love at first application. Both the consistency and smell are very similar to Cell Nourish, there is something about the scent of sweet orange that makes me happy! I have two bottles of the Ultra-Light Oil Control Lotion on the go, one by my bed and one in the bathroom, I use it every morning and every evening before bed. I’m having a spend-free-September but I’ll check out TK Maxx for some extra bottles the next time I’m passing a store. Fortunately its £23.00 a bottle online which is £2 within my max budget for face cream so I’m not going to be running out anytime soon and I’ll at least look fresh faced while I continue to grow Hue Boxx, my letterbox friendly treat box for cosmopolitan black women and my business development consultancy which works with ethical businesses wanting to grow.

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