The Beauty Product I Cannot Live Without by Lori Bee

Lori Bee is a makeup artist and a qualified health lecturer with over 16 years of experience. She has worked for brands such as asos, Cosmopolitan and Smashbox. She took time out to tell us about the beauty product she cannot live without.

As a 40+ woman, I am very mindful that what I may have got away with through my skincare is not necessarily the case today. Although many of us have heard the term ‘Black don’t Crack’, Black skin can still become traumatised and damaged through what we do to it and the lifestyle we live. Because of this, I am much more a fan of lightweight skincare products; serums in particular, that the skin can easily absorb once applied. 

My go to serum of the moment is the Herbal Recovery Serum by Australian Brand - Jurlique. This brand prides itself on its back to nature approach; using gorgeous plants and flowers such as rose and lavender; that not only smell, but feel absolutely gorgeous when used. I was fortunate enough to have received this serum product within an event goody bag quite some time ago, and I’m so glad I gave it a try.

I hadn’t actually heard about the brand before, but once I tried the serum, I was hooked. Since then I’ve attended launch events and bought more of their products, including their Rose Hand Cream and used their Rose Oil Face Mist in hotter weather. My mother has even joined the Jurlique club.

I use the serum first thing in the morning and last thing at night; after cleansing. I usually buy the 100ml bottle as it lasts a good three months which is great as it retails at approximately £100.00. I keep my bottle right next to my bed as it is a reminder, especially at night, to apply it before bedtime. There are no particular instructions - other than keeping it at room temperature.

After trying other serums, what I particularly love about this Serum by Jurlique is that I do not need to use that much to feel the benefits. When trialling other serums, I’ve noticed that I need a good amount (two to three pumps) of the product, but with this particular brand I need much less. 

The glow my skin gets from using this serum is amazing, and coupled with sufficient rest and a healthy balanced diet, the effects of using this serum is evident quite early on. Although the product may be seen as quite pricey, it really is worth the splurge, due to its effectiveness on the skin and the fact that it lasts for quite some time; when used correctly. 

I would definitely recommend this product and/or a visit to Jurlique’s store or counters, where staff are often impressively knowledgeable of the products, and more than able to discuss varying skin needs and suitable treatments.

Go on - Give it a try! 

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