The Beauty Product I Cannot Live Without by Beulah Davina

Beulah Davina is a natural hair blogger who shares her experiences over at her blog, The Creamy Crack Rehab and she is also a cartoonist. She took time out to tell us about the beauty product she cannot live without.

The beauty product I can't live without is Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick. I always seem to have very little time to get ready. Actually that's a lie, I give myself ample time to get ready but I get distracted by anything and everything. The main culprit being the music I blast at insane volumes whilst choosing my outfit and moisturising my skin.

As time runs out, moisturising becomes a case of me grabbing lotion and haphazardly rubbing it in. I then leave my house and notice that there are several spots I've missed during the moisturising process. Luckily, I always carry the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick with me. I actually received this Godsend a few months back in a TreasureTress box and now I use it daily. I'm still on the first stick but I've bought two back ups for when I run out. It stays in my pocket or bag and like my phone, I never leave my house without it.

I love this product because it's compact, multifunctional and super affordable (£2.95 when on offer). I use it to moisturise my hands, my lips and any dry patches I find on my face or arms. The best thing about this product is that now I can spend less time moisturising and more time practising my dance moves when I get ready.

Beulah will be sharing her experiences about going natural this Wednesday at our Natural Hair Masterclass with ASIAM Naturally.

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